Replating Sacred Vessels

Replating Religious Vessals

The Benefits of Replating Sacred Vessels

Over time, almost all metals tend to tarnish and lose their shine. While this natural process is bound to occur, it doesn’t mean an item must be cast aside or replaced. In many cases, a metal piece can be refinished or replated in order to restore it’s original beauty. This is especially beneficial for religious items that have more meaning and historical value than other pieces.

Sacred items tend to see a lot of use. As a result from constant contact with acids that are transferred from wine and human touch. This acid is especially harmful to cups or chalices that are made from brass. As the years go on, the brass will begin to pit, forming small holes on an object’s surface.

The Solution

Replating sacred vessels will not only bring back the original look of a religious item, but will also prevent future damage from occurring. This is because many precious metals such as gold and silver are highly resistant to environmental threats. In addition, when items are replated, their base layer will be polished in order to remove any pitting or oxidation that has occurred.

Additional Information:

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