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Multi-Metal Surface platting

Multi-Metal Surface Platting

By admin - 18th September 2019

Multi-Metal Surface Platting is a new trend we perfected in the shop! This technique brings old things out and captures them in a new light. We bring out...

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Noble Metals

By admin - 18th February 2016

Nobel Metals are Gold and Silver. What makes them so noble?  Color, conductivity, and malleability are just a few factors. For example, good questions to ask are when...

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Electroplating and the Environment

Environmental Electroplating

By admin - 19th September 2015

Environmental Electroplating is a fancy way of saying environmentally friendly. In the metal plating industry, responsible environmental electroplating is important for both safety and pollution prevention. In general,...

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5 Electroplating Technology Developments

5 Electroplating Technology Developments

By admin - 18th September 2015

The metal plating industry is constantly evolving, and as time moves forward, there will be several new developments in electroplating technology. These new processes and resources will help...

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Growth of Metal Plating : Future Predictions

By admin - 17th September 2015

In part III of our three part series of posts providing information on metal plating, we will take a look at future predictions regarding the metal plating industry....

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Metal Plating: The Customer (Part II)

By admin - 11th September 2015

In part I of our report we examined demographic information on metal plating. In part II of our report, we will take an in-depth look at the customer...

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Information on Metal Plating: Demographics (Part I)

By admin - 9th September 2015

Sometimes it’s hard to obtain information on metal plating due to a lack of research conducted in this field. For this reason, American Plating Company has decided to...

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Ship Corrosion

Ship Corrosion & Strategies for Prevention

By admin - 1st September 2015

Ship Corrosion Ship corrosion is a major hazard for the industry. The deterioration of these structures causes higher maintenance costs, early system failures, or an overall shortened service...

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Replating Silver

Silver Restoration: 2 Solutions To Save Your Silver!

By admin - 24th August 2015

Have you ever seen an old, darkened set of silverware? If you have, then you know it’s not a pretty sight… What is the problem and why is...

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copper cookware

Benefits of Copper Cookware You Need to Know

By admin - 20th August 2015

Have you ever considered purchasing copper cookware? “Does it work?” The first thing to look for is the different copper coatings. Today, most pans are not 100%  copper like they...

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