Residential Plating

Electroplating and the Environment

Environmental Electroplating

By admin - 19th September 2015

Environmental Electroplating is a fancy way of saying environmentally friendly. In the metal plating industry, responsible environmental electroplating is important for both safety and pollution prevention. In general,...

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Tin Plated

Benefits of Tin Plating

By admin - 21st October 2014

What is Tin? Tin is a silver-white metal that is soft, ductile and malleable. Due to this flexibility, tin can be molded and stretched into a variety of...

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The Color Silver

By admin - 1st July 2014

History states the color Silver is named after a beautiful color of a river in Turkey named Lycia. Man has had a long relationship with silver back in Indo/European...

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finished nickel cash register

Restoring Antique Cash Register!

By admin - 7th March 2014

Cash Register is from the early 1900’s and just finished traveling all the way from American Plating Company to Alaska. What makes this piece so unique is the nickel plating and...

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Corn Cob Dry

The Metal Plating Drying Process

By admin - 3rd March 2014

Drying the project after plating and immersing it in a water bath to rinse off any excess solution it is important to prevent spotting. As a result,  American Plating...

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Plating Process

The Plating Process at American Plating Company

By admin - 27th December 2013

At American Plating Company, we do our best to make the plating process appear as simple as possible. In actuality there is a lot of work that goes...

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Steel Grate

St Louis Metal Plating

By admin - 15th February 2012

St Louis metal plating has a ton of benefits. Metal is still one of the most durable materials in use today. Creation and design of various products often...

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