Gold Plating

Gold Plating is used for a lot of different projects both commercial and residential. Gold, for centuries, is a man’s way of displaying their wealth. In many forms, for example, currency, trinkets and jewelry. The first time in history the Kingdom of Lydia in 700 B.C. uses gold as a form of currency. However, gold is also valuable for several other reasons. For one, gold is a noble metal, meaning it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in most environments. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals. Gold never reacts with oxygen, making this material resistant to rust or tarnishing. However, gold is as expensive as it looks,as a result using a little at a time can go along way.

Commercial Gold Plating

Placing gold as a thin plating layer on connection points is common. Most metals form thin oxide layers on their surface, as a result of air exposure. These surfaces are not very conductive which causes a less uniform appearance from the chemical reactions. Gold can provide a reliable smooth surface that can make good connection with the mated surface, because it does not oxidize like most metals.

In addition, gold plating on thin wires leave little to no room for error. Losing even a small amount of cross-sectional area to oxidation can significantly lower the wires capacity and conductivity. It is important to note that gold takes extreme precision and concentration. Even the smallest exposed area can result in oxidizing of the inner surface.

Other than the metal’s commercial uses, gold can be an excellent way to protect or increase the value of priceless antiques or valuables. Gold is the most resistant material to corrosion, rust or any ware and tear. As a result, gold can make any heirloom timeless and with the cost of gold constantly on the rise only increases an items value.

As a best option gold for century’s has always taken first place. Trophy’s, Olympic Metals, and even Royalty must have known that gold is resistant to time.

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