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What is Metal Polishing?

At American Plating Company, our metal polishing services are just one of many additional steps used in the electroplating process. Pre-treating the metal is important to us. The polishing process smoothes out an object with a buffing/polishing wheel softens irregular surfaces and create a mirror-like finish. Polishing also prevents the contamination of an object or eliminates oxidization on a metal’s outer coating.

Metal Polishing Services Used During Pre-Treatment

Metal Polishing Services

Make no mistake, the steps taken prior to the electroplating bath are critically important to a project’s success. There are 3 main categories:

Disassemble – This step in the metal plating process assures all surfaces receive an even coating in the electroplating bath.

Stripping – Involves the removal of particles which can blister or flake a plate-layer.

Polishing – Metal polishing refines and evens surfaces in preparation for plating. Even the smallest imperfections must be smoothed and polished in order to produces a quality finish.

As the third and final step in preparation for electroplating, metal polishing is the last defense against imperfections which may cause serious pitfalls later in the metal plating process. For example, before metal polishing takes place, many objects have a non-uniform surface that, if analyzed under a microscope, may look like a collection of bumps and crevasses. After polishing, these surface issues are made much smoother.

Metal Polishing in the Removal of Oxidization

Unfortunately, most metals succumb to corrosion due to oxidization. This natural occurrence is the direct result of oxygen which causes electrons on an alloy to attach themselves to oxygen molecules forming negative ions capable of penetrating a metal’s surface. Fortunately, a skilled metal plating professional can remove this layer of oxidization through polishing. The elimination of these damaging molecules can prevent further corrosion and save an object from severe deterioration.

Metal Polishing Services at the Shop

Take a look at the video below to see our metal polishing services in action at our shop in St. Louis.

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