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When you are ready for the absolute best, contact us for all Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Brass and Tin plating services. We also offer polishing services. Sometimes brass gold and silver do not need a new coat just a polish! Stop by American Plating Company where quality craftsmanship is a matter of personal pride and tailored to each individual job . So please, Give us a call any time we call back within twenty-four hours. In addition, we offer custom competitive quotes to fit every company or individual’s needs. If you have a dead line or a unique order we make it our mission every day to fit the needs with competitive rates.

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Industrial plating services

Industrial plating is a huge percentage of the metal plating market.  These jobs are time sensitive and often last for years at a time! In addition, American Plating Company works hand in hand with businesses to make sure they not only hit there quota, but also their deadlines.

We also offer competitive quotes to ensure American Plating Company is your company’s first and best choice.

Send us a sample of your parts and we can give you a range of options.  Many industries choose to protect their parts with Brass, Tin, and Nickel. This increases the durability of their products. Other Company’s choose to use gold, especially in the Medical field.Read More

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Residential Plating

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Residential plating is for everyone! It is any metal that need to be maintained around your residence! In addition, it is those truly personal projects that will stay in a family or house hold for generations. For example faucets, silver-ware, teapot’s, jewelry or statues just to name a few Its like copper plating your motorcycle or polishing your grandmas favorite silver tea set. Residential plating brings in a lot of interesting artifacts. American Plating Company’s residential plating is keeping the memories of our ancestors alive. They made things to last hundreds of years back in the day. And We are happy to keep that tradition alive!

Careful Handling Of Residential Plating:

Its more than plating its legacy. As a result Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, Nickel and Brass are the materials of our treasures American Plating company completely understands. Most importantly we are working with irreplaceable trinkets and making a mistake is not an option. We work by hand and really examine the metal before we start our Process.

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Commercial Plating

American Plating Company specializes in metal plating, finishing, and polishing. Commercial projects are normally large and time sensitive. Our level of professionalism and understanding makes us the best choice. We provide gold, silver, brass, copper, tin, both electroless and nickel plating and now we also provide titanium anodizing. We work with clients involved in medical instruments, lighting companies, churches, People with new Inventions and so much more.

Residential Plating

At American Plating Company, we are pleased to work with a wide variety of St. Louis homeowners and restoration experts, to help return beautiful antique hardware, silver pieces, priceless heirlooms and lighting fixtures back to their former glory. It’s more than plating, its legacy. As a result Gold, Silver, copper, nickel, and brass are the materials of our treasures American Plating Company completely understands. Most importantly, we are working with irreplaceable trinkets and making a mistake is not an option.