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American Plating Company offers quality commercial metal plating around the greater St. Louis area at an affordable price in both rack and barrel electroplating. At American Plating, we use only the highest grade of raw materials in our plating process to serve small and medium OEM commercial plating accounts. As a result, the commercial companies that we work with are in a wide range of industries. Most note worthy, we take pride in delivering products that meet or exceed the requirements to satisfy those needs.  Whether we are coating surgical instruments, electrical power conductors, lighting components or any other piece of equipment, quality is our top priority.

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Our company is well known for its superior workmanship and fast turn around times, regardless of the size of the plating batch.  From a single-unit, special job, to a 5,000 piece high-volume order, we have the capabilities to answer your needs.

At American Plating, in conclusion, we offer metal plating with nickel, gold, brass, silver, copper, and tin. In addition, we also provide electroless plating with nickel.  With so many options offered by our company, clients can use our services for plating medical and surgical instruments, as well as precision tools or parts for use in industrial applications.

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