Multi-Metal Surface Plating

blues and cardnal logo finished with brass copper and nickel

Multi-metal surface plating is a whole new way to make a statement! American Plating Company now offers copper, bass and nickel plating on the same surface. As a result, it is perfect for decorative wall fixtures, trophies and heirlooms. In addition, we can also offer Silver and Gold. Not many plating companies pay such close attention to details as we do. Just another reason why we have customers from all over the country send us their projects. We take the time to make sure every color matches and each detail is perfectly executed.  In the picture example on your left our St Louis Blues Logo is Nickel. Most of all the copper cardinal is proudly standing on a brass baseball bat. The optics are not as impressive as in person due to the mirror finish reflecting the surroundings in the photographs. Furthermore one of the many benefits to multi-metal plating is the high contrast to make the important things stand out!


How Multi-Metal Surface Plating Works

IMG_5263Just like any other project we plate, we start with polishing and cleaning the surface to our customers desired texture. We offer a high polish satin and brush textures. After that is complete, we always plate the hottest metal first due to the paint peeling off in high temperatures. In the photo to the right, we see our staff painting the key components that are going to stay brass. In the event our paint does pee off, our polishers can buff out any excess plating in unwanted areas. This process requires extreme attention to detail, which is why our polishers have been polishing products their whole lives to ensure quality. We have already received multiple requests for our custom Multi-Metal Surface Plating from country clubs, veterans and more!

nathan trippel plated and mounted finished

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