Residential Plating

Residential Metal Plating

Custom Projects and Residential Work

At American Plating Company, we are proud to offer residential metal plating services, especially in our local community. We believe quality metal craftsmanship and finishing is not a lost art. A vast majority of our work is done in high volume for commercial companies however, sometimes our technicians enjoy the challenge of working on specialty items. In addition to custom plate guns, antique cash registers, and silver teapots from the 1800’s, it’s amazing how sometimes all the precious antiques need is some fresh plating and they are as good as new.

Home restoration is another specialty of ours. We revitalize everything from custom drawer handles and old door knobs, to decorative chandeliers and hardware. We can help bring beautiful antique hardware, silver, and lighting fixtures back to their former glory.

Whether your goal is to restore parts of an old house to their original “new” look, or decorate your mantle with beautifully plated antiques, we can help. In addition, we also offer plating for trophies and other awards.

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