Noble Metals


Nobel Metals are Gold and Silver. What makes them so noble?  Color, conductivity, and malleability are just a few factors. For example, good questions to ask are when considering what the best metal is for your project are; is the metal resistant to oxidation or corrosion? These two noble metals are the most protective when it comes to the nightmares of oxidation and corrosion. Gold and silver are also excellent conductors of electricity and not to mention look beautiful and elegant.

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is the deterioration of a material that results from interacting with its surroundings and environment. It is a natural occurrence and is related to the low stability of the metallic state of a material. Corrosion is commonly in the form of rust and can cause serious problems in many of the industries we work in and rely on.

What is oxidation?

In addition, oxidation is very similar to corrosion. In fact, oxidation is a type of corrosion. It is the deterioration of a material that results from interacting with oxygen molecules and, often adding a green look to most metals.

How noble metals prevent oxidation and corrosion.

The obvious answer is to work with materials that are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, like silver and gold. Coating the metal with paint or a protective spray is another way to protect your project. If the metal is unprotected, make sure to keep it away from water.

Whether customers want to bring new life to an old tea set or refinish parts for commercial use, gold and silver are both excellent choices.

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