70 Years of Quality Metal Plating and Finishing

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American Plating Company is 70 years old! Founded back in 1944 on values that have carried us through the last 70 years.  Our values define who we are and how we interact with our customers and their products. We believe the work we do impacts the world. Our industrial work helps manufactures prevent corrosion while or restoration work helps family’s protect heirlooms for generations.

70 years of Customers throughout the USA

Although our business may not be next door, we believe that it is important to know our clients. We greet business associates by name, with a firm handshake and assure them with all sincerity that their satisfaction is our top priority because it is. One of our favorite challenges as a team is to get a project from out of state to finish in one week for a client because there is a once in a lifetime event around the corner.

At American Plating Company, even though our employees typically specialize in focused elements of the plating process, we also believe in cross-training them to perform all other aspects of production. This allows us to continue delivering uninterrupted quality results to our clients at all times, while ensuring our team is working together with the peace of mind there job is secure.

Next time you are in the market for quality plating and metal finishing, give us a call at (314)776-0542.

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