The Electroplating Process In 8 Steps

The electroplating process is a complex procedure and while there are several different techniques, this info-graphic may make the process a little easier to understand:

The Plating Process

1. Disassembly –Taking apart a project with multiple attachments ensures an even coating on every nook and cranny as a result of attention to detail.

2. Stripped –– All particles are removed from the project. If they are not, blistering or flaking may occurring on the plate-layer, therefore this is an important part of the cleaning process

3. Polishing – This step refines and evens surfaces in preparation for electroplating.

4. Cleaning – Dipping the project in a cleaning solution and electrifying it cleanses it of any specs on the surface.

5. Set-Up – Connect the negative electrical lead of the rectifier to the substrate and place the positive lead directly in the plating solution, finally we are now ready to start electroplating.

6. Plate Bath – Dipping the project in the desired solution begins the plating possess, as a result the longer the object stays in the solution the thicker the layer of plating.

7. Post Treatment – In order to prevent tarnishing and improve resistance, an anti-tarnish or clear coat treatment may be used.

8. Waste Disposal – The electroplating process can create hazardous material. If processed correctly, this waste can be recycled back into the plating process.

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