Holiday Schedule


We just wanted to post a friendly reminder about our holiday schedule! Our shop and front office will be closed on certain days during the week.  Your calls and emails are important to us, and if you try to call on one of the days listed below, please know that we will get back to you as soon as we can on the following business day.

We appreciate this time with our family’s and hope you do too!


Thursday, Nov 24th– Day of Thanksgiving

Friday, Nov 25th– Non-traditional


Wednesday, Dec 24th-Christmas Eve

Thursday, Dec. 25th– Christmas Day


Thursday, Jan 1st– New Year’s Day

Happy Holiday’s! From all of us at American Plating Company!

American Plating company is more that happy to assist with any gifts you wish to put the finishing touches on for the ones you love.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Giving a genuine gift to a loved one this year is what gets us though tough times. Think of someone who has made life more meaningful, think of the pivotal moment in that relationship. For example, visiting grandmas house as a kid the best part was all of the candy she always had in a silver box.

She always use to say “It is the sweet simple things of life that are the real ones after all.”

Now the years have passed and the time has come to move her to a simpler place to live. While packing up all of her things you noticed that same silver box form that simpler time, except now its tattered and has lost its shine.

The perfect gift just landed in your lap.

American Plating Company receives a call to polish a silver wafer container, to make it look brand new again.

polishish wafer container

Sentimental Gifts are the Best gifts!