Keeping a Clean work space

The most important element of the electroplating process is making sure that the objects surface area is free of any dust, oils or other unwanted elements. The project during the electroplating possess is 100% clean as a result there is an even shine. “If its clean and organized you can find things easier,” says Sam Hanephin owner of American Plating Company, “so a clean work space leaves almost no room to contaminate the baths.”

Why is a strong bond so important?

Dust or oil prevents a strong bond between the plate layer and base metal. The layer of plating will almost immediately begin to blister or flake. The object is then stripped, re-cleaned and replated.  “When an item fails to plate properly,” says Dean, “it takes valuable time pushing other projects back and it creates a drain on resources.  That is why, at American Plating Company we go to great lengths to ensure that a product is 100% clean before it goes into the plate bath.”

What is the cleaning process?

The cleaning and preparation process at American Plating Company is often time sensitive. Exposing metals to air starts oxidizing within minutes.

The first step of the process is to have Bill strip the object down to the base metal.  This often involves the use of polishing/grinding wheels to remove outer layers of paint, previous plating and/or oxidation.  Depending on the size and intricacy of the object, this process may take anywhere from 30-60 minutes or more. After stripping the project , the object goes through a series of chemical baths. Soaking the project for a period of time to remove any dust, grease or other unwanted molecules in addition to the approval possess.

Declaring an object clean means it is ready to begging the electroplating process.

At American Plating Company, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.  We go to great lengths to deliver quality results and superior satisfaction the first time, every time.

When you need quality that you can depend on, American Plating Company is here to help.