The Metal Plating Drying Process

Corn Cob Drying

Drying the project after plating and immersing it in a water bath to rinse off any excess solution it is important to prevent spotting. As a result,  American Plating Company dry’s their newly plated objects to avoid water spots and streaks.

Rather than using warm air or shop towels to take care of excess water we use something a little more exotic: corn cobs.  Okay, so “exotic” might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously, how many people do you know that use corn cobs to dry things off?

Drying perfectly Spot- free

Here’s what we love about this method of drying:

1. Finely chopped corn cobs are relatively inexpensive

2. The chopped corn is reusable.

3. We are using an otherwise useless agricultural byproduct.

4. Laundering the corn cobs is not necessary.

In conclusion, next time you have a project to be plated, send it to American Plating Company.  Let the quality of our unique craftsmanship impress you!