Metal Plating In St Louis

Saint Louis Metal Plating

The American Plating Company is the place to go for metal plating services in Missouri and throughout the Midwest. Located in downtown St. Louis, American Plating Company offers high quality commercial plating and premier metal finishing in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Our products and services range from rack and barrel plating in goldnickelsilvercoppertin,and brass among other residential and commercial services. Our residential plating service has helped to restore several homes in the St. Louis area.

Metal Plating in St. Louis

Homeowners and restoration experts seek American Plating’s services; a clear testimony that quality metal craftsmanship is still alive. Moreover, commercial plating also flourishes as it is best for electrical power conductors, intricate electronic connectors, and lighting fixtures. This is also a service on medical equipment is quickly taking root as it makes it easier to identify and sterilize these devices. This also helps in saving the cost of having to replace old instruments.

Perhaps the most popular service offered by American Plating Company is electroplating. This has been in existence for several years, especially nickel electroplating. It involves immersing an object into a substance with a metal charge into a solution containing ions of the metal plating. When charges move along the circuit formed, they are deposited on the base material and continue until the right thickness is achieved.