Reasons for Restoration: Re-plating metal hardware

5 Reasons for Restoration

Their are so many reasons for restoration and is almost always a better option than replacement. Re-plating metal hardware is a great choice that restores the look of your home, while preserving its past. In addition, finding replacement parts can be both tasking and expensive. Below we will go over a few benefits you may want to consider when choosing whether re-plating metal hardware is best for you.

1. You’ll have something no one else has.

The hardware in and around your house is unique, especially if you live in a much older home. It was likely made decades ago and is no longer in production. Hardware restoration will ensure you hold on to a part of your home unlike anyone else’s.

2. Replacements are hard to find.

As stated above, your hardware is probably a rarity and it will be exceptionally hard to find, if not impossible. Even if you discover similar pieces they may not end up fitting in as well as the old hardware did. In addition, if you are unable to find replacements, new hardware will probably throw off the original feel of your historical home.

3. Saves you money.

While you have to pay for re-plating metal hardware, purchasing all new hardware may cost far more money, particularly if your replacing items from around your entire house.

4. Preserving history.

Your old hardware will never be made again. Like your house as a whole, your hardware is a reminder of the past, giving you and your guests a view into the past.

5. Always a good investment.

Well maintained older homes can be extremely valuable. What is popular today won’t be popular in 10 years, however, a unique home has historical value. It tells a story and provides a feel that cannot be replicated. Many buyers will be willing to pay more for these qualities.