Metal Finish

Adding a Metal Finish gives each project the right amount of character. For example, when working on restoration it is important the project looks both old and new. So, adding an antique finish like in the picture bellow achieves both looks.antique metal finish

5 Types of metal finish

Brush: First of all, a brush metal finish is a beautiful way to add a rugged almost manly flair to any project. This look achieves a wood like grain so it will not look as reflective. There are actual grooves in the metal to give it a texture, just like painting with a wire brush.

Satin: In comparison to a brush finish, satin looks almost the same. The main difference is in the texture. Satin has a smooth feel which is how it got its name. 

Antique: This can be done quite a few different ways. For example, in the picture we silver plated the sconce fist then polished out different areas to achieve a vintage look. In conclusion, our team will know the best way to put an antique finish on your project. Contact Us.

Patina: This can add a rustic feel to any project. By over exposing metals like copper we can create a green hue to accompany the metal to give it an aging feel.

On-site polishing capabilitiesFor example if it is impossible to move a brass rail from a location. We will go to your location and polish it on the spot to make it look like the day it was installed!

Contact American Plating Company to see which finish works best for your projects!