The Color Silver

History states the color Silver is named after a beautiful color of a river in Turkey named Lycia. Man has had a long relationship with silver back in Indo/European groups. They used the word ‘Arg’, meaning ‘White or To Shine’ showing that silver emulates a white glow.

What is the proper color for Silver?

When most people think of the color silver, they imagine a bright, reflective appearance commonly found in jewelry.  At American Plating Company, we know silver plating turns a flat milky-white and should never ever look too grey.

Most of our commercial clients do not care if a silver plated object retains the flat white color.  They would rather not wait the additional amount of time required for polishing, since doing so will not add any significant value to their end product.

When restoring antiques or working with medical equipment, quite the opposite is true.  The glowing look of polished silver creates a refined look that is more readily incorporated into living space.  Additionally, when working with sensitive equipment, especially in the medical industry, it is important to polish equipment to help convey the impression of cleanliness and a polished surface helps to promote sterility of reusable instruments.

Silver Plated Medical Equipment

Silver Medical Components