Benefits of Copper Cookware You Need to Know

Have you ever considered purchasing copper cookware? “Does it work?”

The first thing to look for is the different copper coatings. Today, most pans are not 100%  copper like they were in 9,000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians were the first to know about the antibacterial properties of copper. As a matter of fact starting in the 1800 A.D. many pots and pans are only insulated with copper. Copper is an amazing conductor and always evenly cooks food! Lining the inside of the copper pot with tin or stainless steal is a safe and effective way to prevent copper poisoning. As a result copper cookware is the queen of the kitchen. Coppers calming honey look it adds and elegant touch to any decor. Keep in mind, while we do not do not sell cookware, we know A LOT about copper and the metals physical properties.

Benefits of Copper Cookware:

1. Conductivity – Excellent thermal conduction is one of the principle benefits of copper cookware. As a result chefs use copper when cooking temper sensitive foods, like sauteed sides. Providing for extremely even heat distribution throughout the pans cooking surface. Many pans will only have a copper bottom or lining around the heating surface. This type of cookware is still a great option for maintaining a reliable cooking temperature.

2. Adhesion: Copper is one of the best metals on earth for providing adhesion between surfaces. Copper will support uniform and smooth coverage on both non ferrous and ferrous base metals. This means when copper is coated with another metal like stainless steel, it will help keep all surfaces tightly connected, resulting in extended product life as well as even heat dispersion.

3.  Corrosion Resistance (as an undercoat): Copper is a good undercoat for subsequent plate-layers like tin, steel, nickel or aluminum. Although it is not as hard as other metals, it provides a uniform coating free from any defects that may have existed on the initial substrate. This in-turn, this adhesion reduces corrosion at the base layer. In conclusion this is a perfect feature because instead of having a chard pot you have a beautiful light pink finish.

4. Uniqueness & Design – Copper truly does give any cookware set a distinctive look many other sets do not have. This beauty makes it possible to hang your copper pans out in the open on racks displayed in your kitchen.

As with any purchase, you will want to conduct your own research. However, if you have any other questions feel free to visit our blog or give us a call at (314) 776-0542 

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