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Replating Metal Hardware: 5 Reasons for Restoration

Reasons for Restoration: Re-plating metal hardware

By admin - 17th August 2015

5 Reasons for Restoration Their are so many reasons for restoration and is almost always a better option than replacement. Re-plating metal hardware is a great choice that...

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Metal plating, finishing, and polishing

The 9 Step Guide to the Electroplating Process

By admin - 16th August 2015

Perfect metal finishing takes skill, precision, and a lot of patience. The electroplating process can be challenging and there are several steps one must follow in order to...

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Dealing with Oxidation and The Problems of Corrosion

By admin - 14th August 2015

As metal plating professionals, we have issues dealing with oxidation on a regular basis. From tarnished silver to rusted steel, we’ve seen just about every type of metallic...

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Metal Polishing

Midwest Metal Finishing: 5 Reasons We’re Different

By admin - 13th August 2015

At American Plating Company, we have been leaders in the Midwest metal finishing industry for over 70 years. Since 1944, we have operated out of the St. Louis...

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Surface Preparation

Four Steps to a Successful Metal Finish – Surface Preparation

By admin - 12th August 2015

Surface preparation is a crucial first stage in the metal plating process. An objects surface must be smooth and clean before electroplating can commence. The quality of a...

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The 5 Most Conductive Metals on Earth

The 5 Most Conductive Metals On Earth Are…

By admin - 8th August 2015

In the electroplating industry every metal serves a specific purpose.  Some for their hardness, others for their ductility, while others are used for their resistance to corrosion. Metals...

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Rack Plating

Rack or Barrel Plating: Which is Best for My Project?

By admin - 7th August 2015

Simply put, electroplating is the process of bonding one form of metal or compound alloy to another base metal in order to provide enhanced conductivity or protection; and...

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Removing Chrome Plating

By admin - 6th August 2015

We often get questions about removing chrome plating. Chrome is short for Chromium, a chemical element with the symbol CR and an atomic number of 24. Chrome is...

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How Much Copper is in a Penny?

By admin - 31st July 2015

History of the Penny Pennies have 11 different designs since the conception of the currency. The year of the coin determines what percentage of copper it contains. It...

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Barrel plating parts and objects

7 Advantages of Barrel Plating

By admin - 27th July 2015

Barrel Plating Barrel plating uses a rotating container that turns a large amount of items at one time as a result this is beneficial for mas production. The...

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