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Electrocleaning and Pre-finishing

Cleaning During the Electroplating Process

By admin - 13th July 2015

Electroplating process, pre-finishing procedures such as cleaning, stripping and polishing are extremely important activities that must be performed in order to produce a quality metal finish. Without a...

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Benefits of Silver Plating

By admin - 9th July 2015

Why should I use silver? In the metal plating industry, silver does not necessarily mean second place. Silver is a nearly white colored semi-precious alloy that has many...

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Electroless Nickel Plating: Description and Benefits

By admin - 8th July 2015

Electroless nickel plating (EN) is a process for depositing a nickel alloy from aqueous solutions onto a substrate (surface) without the use of electric current. As a result,...

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Gold Plated Nuts and Bolts

10 Facts about rare Gold

By admin - 6th July 2015

Ten facts about Gold 1.Gold is a very rare metal. So rare, that the world produces more steel in an hour than it has produced gold since the...

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Stopping Corrosion

Stopping Corrosion

By admin - 15th June 2015

The Problem: Metallic corrosion impacts nearly every industry in the United States. As a result, based on a study conducted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), corrosion causes over $250...

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12_27_13 Gold Mic_2.1

The Electroplating Process In 8 Steps

By admin - 15th May 2015

The electroplating process is a complex procedure and while there are several different techniques, this info-graphic may make the process a little easier to understand: The Plating Process 1....

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Holiday Schedule

By admin - 18th November 2014

We just wanted to post a friendly reminder about our holiday schedule! Our shop and front office will be closed on certain days during the week.  Your calls...

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Tin Plated

Benefits of Tin Plating

By admin - 21st October 2014

What is Tin? Tin is a silver-white metal that is soft, ductile and malleable. Due to this flexibility, tin can be molded and stretched into a variety of...

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The Color Silver

By admin - 1st July 2014

History states the color Silver is named after a beautiful color of a river in Turkey named Lycia. Man has had a long relationship with silver back in Indo/European...

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Brass Adapters

70 Years of Quality Metal Plating and Finishing

By admin - 29th May 2014

American Plating Company is 70 years old! Founded back in 1944 on values that have carried us through the last 70 years.  Our values define who we are and...

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